5.2 Europe becomes Christian

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Entry ticket

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Put the names in the right place
Feudal system

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Explain why the Frankish kings eventually had less power in their kingdom because of the feudal system.

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According to the book the early middle ages were an unsafe time. Give two examples of this.

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§5.2 Europe becomes Christian
Spread of christianity

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Learning goals
You can exlain:
  • How christianity was spread in the Netherlands
  • How all of Europe became Christian.
  • How Germanic traditions were kept
  • Why clergymen were important in society

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Entry ticket

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Drag the sentences to the corresponding religion
Believe Jesus is their saviour
Were chased out of their land by the Romans
Believe a saviour will come to free their people from opression
Became the Roman state religion
Was the state religion of the Frankish empire

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In the Roman Empire, first the poor and later the rich people converted to Christianity.
Explain why.

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Europe in 2022

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Europe around 500 AD

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1. Spread of Christianity in NL
  • 690: Willibrord goes to NL with a group of missionaries to convert NL (Middle and North)
  • Pepin gave permission to the missionaries and sent soldiers for protection. They worked from Utrecht
  • Willibrord was appointed Archbishop and had churches built in various places
  • People living in NLhad a polytheistic religion
  • Christians: 'Germanic people did not have the right religion and were called pagans'.

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2. Bonifatius
  • Boniface also went to NL as a missionary and then to Germany.
  • He cut down a Germanic tree that they worshipped and proved that nothing happened
  • Became archbishop in Germany and divided the country into church provinces
  • Christianity became more and more important, but he was killed in 754

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3. Christian Europe
  • Missionaries: pagans will suffer eternal pain in hell, yet there was much resistance -> they were seen as invaders
  • Churches were burned and missionaries murdered by the Frisians and Saxons (Germanic people) 
  • So they tried to convert leaders first (why?)
  • If leaders converted, their subjects would often follow the example
  • You could become a Christian by being baptised

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4. Mixture of cultures
  • In order to convince pagans even more, the christians adopted traditions
  • Example: the pagan midwinter festival became Christmas
  • And the spring festival became Easter
  • This is how the Christian and Germanic cultures mixed

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To work
What?  Study the text 'The Daily Life of Medieval Monks' in Classroom. Do the assignment: living as a monk.

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Monks and nuns
  • Some Christians wanted to focus entirely on God
  • For this they cut themselves off from the world
  • These monks and nuns lived together in a monastery
  • Here they could give their lives to God

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  • Some monks travelled around converting others
  • These missionaries made other people Christian
  • The Germanic pagans were their main target
  • With success: around 500 the Franks became Christian already

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  • Around 700 the Irish monk Willibrord was tasked with converting the Frisians to Christianity.
  • He became the Bishop of Utrecht
  • With the protection of the Franks he went to the Frisians

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  • To convince the Frisians Willibrord had some tricks
  • He told beautiful stories from the Bible
  • He performed miracles, just like Jesus
  • But when the Franks conquered the area, the Frisians were simply forced to convert

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The man on the picture is a...

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The women on the picture are...

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Aan de slag
Wat: Lezen 4.2 en maken opdracht 1 t/m 8
Hoe: In je werkboek
Hulp: Docent
Klaar: Werken aan ander vak

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§5.2 Europe becomes Christian
Spread of christianity

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Success criteria
You can exlain:
  • How christianity was spread in the Netherlands
  • How all of Europe became Christian.
  • How Germanic traditions were kept
  • Why clergymen were important in society

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What does it mean to 'convert'?

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The origin of the Christmas tree

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