May 16, 2022

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English lesson
Monday May 16th

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Lesson goals
At the end of the lesson you:
know vocabulary about money
can use the correct quantifier

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Lesson goals
Explanation quantifiers
Check 4.4: 7+8+9+10+11+12
Do 4.4: Test Yourself
Finished? Study grammar or vocabulary on Learnbeat, Quizlet or All Right Or read your book

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Which of the five highlights would you like to visit and why?

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Telbaar (house/table)
(money, sugar)
Bevestigende zinnen
A lot of* (Many)
A lot of* (Much)
Ontkennende zinnen
Vragende zinnen
* Je kunt much en many ook gebruiken in een formele zin, na so, as en too moet je much en many gebruiken.

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Voorbeelden Veel
Do you know how many lessons I'll need? (telbaar +vragend)
I don't need much money to be happy. (ontelbaar + ontkennend)
There are a lot of apples left in the fridge. (bevestigend)
There is much concern about drug addiction in the US. (formal + ontelbaar)
He has got so many friends (telbaar + so)
I've got as much money as he has (ontelbaar + as)
She has got too much make up on her face. (ontelbaar + too)

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(hair, money)
A Few
A Little
Een paar/ een beetje
Weinig/ een beetje / een paar
I babysit for a few hours a day  = ik pas een paar uur per dag op.
There are few houses left that don't have solar panels. = Er zijn weinig huizen die geen zonnepanelen hebben.
I spend very little of my pocket money = Ik geef weinig uit van mijn zakgeld
I earn a little extra if I wash the car = Ik verdien een beetje extra als ik de auto was.

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Check 4.4:1-6

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Play and learn!

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May 17th
Do 4.4: Test Yourself
study vocabulary 4.4 page 169
Write in your planagenda!

Finished? Read your book  OR Study woordtrainer/tag questions 4.2 on All Right or on Quizlet/Learnbeat

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Check lesson goals
At the end of the lesson you:
know vocabulary about money
can use the correct quantifier

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