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Teach online during COVID-19

Schools are important, if not the most important, places for children to enjoy their education. Teachers and students are in close contact which creates an optimal environment for knowledge sharing and exchanging perspectives. However, current societal developments like the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak cause an increasing need for remote learning.

The ability to learn and teach does not dissipate once teachers and children leave the school premises. LessonUp offers a solution that provides additional support to students preparing for their exams or students suffering from long-term illness.

Also during the coronavirus outbreak, LessonUp can be of importance. Due to the coronavirus schools need a contingency plan in order to give classes remotely. Below we explain how you can use LessonUp as a teacher for remote learning.

Teachers that are in need of a solution for remote learning during the coronavirus outbreak can use LessonUp's online teaching platform and its functionalities up to 30 days for free.

Want to have LessonUp available for the entire school? Read more about how we onboard schools.

How to use LessonUp for teaching online?

1. Create or search lesson material in LessonUp

Search through our library for lesson material about the subject you want to teach. You can also create new lesson material yourself, or upload a PowerPoint presentation. To create new lesson material, you need an account. You can simply add interactive elements to your lesson material, such as a mindmap or quiz.

2. Setup a video connection

With Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts Meet you can start a video call, invite students, and share your screen.

Then you go to LessonUp, click on the lesson you want to use, and then click 'Teach'. You give the students the instructions remotely while you go through the lesson material. It is possible to create an interactive video call when you use the interactive lesson elements mentioned above. Students are asked to go to lessonup.app and they join with the code that is shared on your screen.

3. Share the lesson material after the video call with your students

Click on 'New' (top-left corner), and then on 'Class'. You will be asked to create a class in LessonUp, and click the yellow button ‘Share with students’. In this way you send the lesson material to your students so they can read or study it. During the first 30 days after signup you will have access to all LessonUp functionalities.