Short interview with Lesley Delwel, English teacher about LessonUp


How often do you use LessonUp?

I use LessonUp with every class I teach. I’ve got six different classes, three hours a week. In every school holiday I prepare my upcoming lessons for the next semester. All of them I prepare in LessonUp.

Why did you start using LessonUp?

I started using LessonUp after one of the team members introduced me to it. I was looking for something user-friendly, which doesn’t consume too much time or effort and allows you to integrate different aspects. Such as YouTube clips, an old PowerPoint presentation or quizzes. At our school we used to work with Smart Notebook and it jus didn’t met up to our expectations. My students had to switch between all different kinds of digital platforms, which is very inconvenient. (Say goodbye to your peace and quiet in the classroom!)

What's so great about LessonUp?

Everything! Our target group has a bit of a low ability to concentrate on something for a long time. This means that I have to provide structure and diversity throughout my lessons. With LessonUp you can easily present different learning materials and tests. I can offer my own learning materials to my students suitable for any occasion. And because I can switch from medium INSIDE LessonUp I can keep things interesting for my students. Furthermore it’s super easy to use and well structured. You can send your lessons to your students so they can examine their work for themselves. Another superb feature is that everything is saved online; therefor I can work from home or any other place. In addition to that the LessonUp team loves to receive any suggestions for the platform. You can see all the improvements and it gets better by the day.

What suggestions do you have for teachers?

For the beginners: Go discover LessonUp! There are so many options and possibilities, way more than you might think. Watch the online tutorial and go experience them yourself! Try a quiz in your classroom. The students love the competitiveness.

LessonUp according to Esther, Maths teacher

“The first time I saw LessonUp I was instantly enthusiastic about the appearance. I was searching for a user-friendly way to structure and prepare my lessons, I found exactly this and more in LessonUp! I create all my new lessons in LessonUp and it saves me a lot of time. It’s available on Ipad and computer, so I always have a backup. LessonUp ensures that my lessons are always structured the same way; I can easily add movies, web links, quizzes and images to my lessons. LessonUp helps me to forget nothing. To me this makes LessonUp irreplaceable while teaching. I would define LessonUp as a handy, easy to use and an excellent tool to activate students and to differentiate my teaching to their needs. What's also great about LessonUp is the constant development. I see improvements all the time. My compliments to the creators!” (Esther, Bonhoeffer College)

What is LessonUp?

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What is LessonUp?


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