Fashion and Clothes

Fashion and Clothes
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Fashion and Clothes

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What kind of clothes do you like wearing?

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I like comfortable clothes. That's why I wear jeans with a T-shirt most of the time, or a mini skirt in the summer. With jeans I mostly wear trainers, with a mini-skirt a pair of leather slippers. Occasionally I like to dress up and put on a silk blouse with a dark suit and wear a pair of high-heeled black shoes. On such occasions I like wearing costume jewellery, such as bangles, necklaces, clips, or an anklet.

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What kind of clothes do you pack for a summer holiday?

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I definitely pack some swimsuits, sandals, slippers, and flip flops for the beach. I also take some T-shirts, shorts, mini skirts, and summer dresses. As there might be rainy days, I always pack a pullover or two, and a pair of jeans and trainers. I like sailing very much, so I never leave without a pair of gym shoes to wear on the boat. Sunglasses are important not only for the beach but for sailing too, not to mention driving. In the evenings we usually go to a restaurant, so I take some elegant clothes as well.

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What do you take with you when you go skiing?

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I take warm clothes, that is, some pullovers, trousers, gloves, ski caps, a scarf, knitted socks for skiing, and boots. For skiing I need a pair of skis, a pair of poles, and goggles.

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What should people wear when they go to the opera?

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They should dress in an elegant way. Women usually wear suits or skirts with blouses or dresses and put on elegant shoes. They also wear accessories, such as pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches. Men wear suits with ties and dark shoes. They also have accessories, such as tie-pins and cuff-links.

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