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Make your lessons sparkle ✨ for your students

Teaching new material and increasing student interaction sometimes feels like pulling teeth and it shouldn't! LessonUp's simple-to-use platform ensures active learning for students. They are continuously interacting with the material, each other and with you throughout a lesson.

Simple. 🎯 Fun. 🥳 Assess as you go. 🚀

LessonUp is putting educators back into the driver's seat. Create, plan and teach your lessons around your students' learning needs and have fun!

Join our 100,000 + teacher community from all over the world. Be inspired and create an active learning environment whether you're in the classroom or teaching remotely.

Know exactly if students are understanding the curriculum

Keep your students on pace with the learning material and receive clear feedback during and after teaching a lesson.

I like the differentiation aspects, which is especially helpful for my life-skills classroom with many different abilities. It has helped whole-group or small group lessons and giving students multiple ways to engage and answer what they know. Students have fun and it gives me some freedom to make quick lessons.
Daniel D.,
Education Specialist, US

Provide one-to-one learning where it is needed

Each student digests new learning objectives differently and providing one-to-one learning has proven to be very beneficial to effective student growth.

LessonUp's platform can help you to intervene where it is needed and boost your student's learning curve. You can provide lessons with differentiation for students who need extra practice or simplified instruction. LessonUp also helps you combine asynchronous and synchronous learning. Start your class with a student-paced lesson and then end by reviewing the lesson and student responses on the main classroom screen. With this flexibility, you can not only boost student participation, but also provide a unique and accessible active learning environment for your students.

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