New year Classroom activities for a fresh start!

Jan-Wolter Smit

Head of Education

Did you also got used to sleeping in and spending your time freely during the Christmas Break? Let's start with a fresh, clean slate this year full of new challenges and opportunities. Have a good start into the new year by welcoming your students back with fun classroom activities, such as asking for their New Year resolution with our New Year Spinner, or reflecting on the first half of the school year with our reflection lesson.

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New Year Spinner 

Let the students spin the Spinner and let them finish the following sentences, such as:

This year…

  • … I will do …. less
  • … I am going to do … differently
  • … I am going to watch (name a movie or series)

Lesson: Reflection and set new goals 2022

This lesson makes it possible to take a closer look at your group dynamics. How are your students doing? What agreements were made at the beginning of the school year, and do they still work?

With this lesson, you and your students will be able to say: It’s going to be a happy new year!