Help your students create a portfolio

Jan-Wolter Smit

Head of Education

Almost every day you share specific lessons with your students: as homework, or as revision material in preparation for an exam. To achieve structure and stimulate your students to take their future into their own hands, you could help them create a portfolio.

What kind of student portfolio?

You could implement a subject-specific portfolio, or a portfolio used across multiple years and/or subjects. Based on your students’ needs and wishes, you can decide what kind of portfolio to implement, and what to showcase within it.

It could be interesting for your students to use such a portfolio for career orientation and guidance purposes. They could insert documents, works and insights relevant for future choices concerning their study or career path.

How can you help your students create their portfolio with LessonUp?

It is nice to have both words and visuals in a portfolio. In LessonUp you can do so by adding photo questions. Within this interactive slide, your students could upload screenshots of their assignments and exercises. Furthermore, you could add some polls, to showcase your students’ opinion on relevant topics.

Once created, share the portfolio with your students through your class, and via the lesson modules 👉 to make sure that they always have access to it, and can customise it when needed.

Extra tip 💡

A student portfolio could represent the perfect conversation starter during  student-led portfolio conferences. Students can show and explain their study or career choices to their parents/caretakers, guiding them through their decisions with targeted examples.