LessonUp for Further Education

Equip your teachers with the best EdTech for further education teaching & learning

Education technology has enormous potential to support teachers and learners in further education. LessonUp is the most intuitive toolkit for teachers to engage students with interactive lessons. It puts further education schools and their teachers in control of their students' learning.

Further education learners absorb information effectively if they feel engaged. Older children and young adults are used to work with laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The ideal scenario for engaged learning in further education is a combination of in-person and digital interactivity.


Curious how LessonUp empowers teachers and engages students in further education?

Belfast MET, the largest Further and Higher Education College in Northern Ireland, works with the School Complete subscription.

Since working with LessonUp, they’ve experienced a higher student engagement, with active learners, and are able to monitor their students' progress more effectively. Check out this case study to discover how LessonUp empowers them.

The 5 main benefits of teaching further education students with the support of LessonUp:

1. Engage students with interactive lessons featuring quizzes, mind maps, spinners, & more.

2. Monitor and understand your students' learning.

3. Provide further education students with real-time feedback. Right when they need it.

4. Create a safe and encouraging environment for active learners.

5. Share all the amazing lessons created internally with your team.

LessonUp instantly hooked my students. They think it's great! It gets them engaged right from the start.
Madeline Whiteside
Film & Media teacher at Belfast MET

Within the School Complete subscription, all further education teachers receive the individual teacher Pro subscription, plus all the associated benefits of a school-wide environment. This includes: creating classes, sharing & saving lessons, handing out tests, and monitoring student progress.

LessonUp's School Complete subscription is available for further education schools with at least 10 teachers. Would you like to start immediately? We can onboard your school within 3 hours!