Empowering ECTs
LessonUp's ECT programme is developed with the latest educational research principles in mind.
At LessonUp, we understand the importance of nurturing our newest teacher colleagues. 
Our programme is delivered to you in three parts:
  • All resources housed in LessonUp’s ECT channel
We will provide a dedicated Empowering ECTs channel. This will be a closed resource page where ECTs across the UK can access lessons and inspire each other. We will post lesson ideas, webinar recordings and other resources in this channel too. You can only access this page with your voucher code. 
  • Practical applications like short gap tasks and learning techniques to use in the classroom.
We want you to be able to go back into your classroom and try out the tools, techniques and tips we provide.
  • Regular Webinars, hosted by experienced teachers. 
LessonUp webinars are always enjoyable and informative. We have developed a schedule which compliments the ECT framework and will support ECTs in understanding how digital tools support all aspects of teaching and learning. All webinars start at 4pm and should last 45 minutes.