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We offer a free version of our digital toolkit, which is available for everybody, and includes many great interactive features to engage your students, and encourage an inclusive classroom.

The 'Register' button is clearly indicated in our homepage, and above this page (start now for free). No payment details are required, and for 30 full days will have free access to our Pro subscription. After that, your account will be automatically switched to a free subscription, which still gives you access to amazing interactive features. For more information on our subscription types, please check our helpdesk articles.


About our toolkit

LessonUp is the most intuitive, interactive toolkit made especially for teachers. With it, you can create engaging lessons for your students. If you don’t have the time to create your own lesson, or to upgrade your PowerPoints, you can teach any of the thousands of customisable lessons in our library. All our interactive features are easily accessible, built around your needs, and designed to put you in control in your classroom.

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Free professional development content

Right from the beginning, we have always been aware of the immense importance of teachers and education.

We are an education specialist providing professional development resources for teachers: CPD papers for career development, webinars, blog articles, onboarding sessions, case studies, CPD sessions, and more. Our white papers and webinars are interlinked, and based on interesting educational topics. The themes of our webinars change every 3 months. Whether you use our toolkit or not, you are welcome to join, and learn tips and techniques to support your practice.

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Learn about all interactive features, and how to apply them in your lessons.


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A brilliant interactive and engaging platform to enable active learning for all learners.
Lisa Maria Allan
Curriculum Learning Assist Support Intervention Coordinator Belfast Metropolitan College

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