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Make every lesson more engaging, joyful and effective with our intuitive teaching tool and interactive lessons library. No matter your experience level, you are in control.


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Import your presentation, choose from 1000+ LessonUp templates, or start from scratch. Add interactive elements and exercises with the click of a button.


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Teach your best, no matter your experience level in working with digital tools and devices. You are in control.


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Unlock every student's potential with LessonUp. Track individual progress and optimise your lessons and exercises to their needs.

Thousands of lesssons to build upon

With our ever-expanding library, you never have to start a new lesson from scratch. Every example is customisable, so you can make it your own.

Interactive features to kickstart classroom interaction

Learn about all interactive features and how to apply them in your lessons to stimulate active learning and boost engagement.



Drag & Drop

Mind Map

Hot Spot


Traffic light

& more

Within half an hour I had an interactive presentation up and running! It was a great success.

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