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Digi-doener! VO Engels | Breaking news

 Breaking news!
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This lesson contains 13 slides, with text slides and 2 videos.

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In this Digi-doener, students are going to take a deep dive into the world of news. They are going to look into different types of news and discuss the pros and cons: from livestreams to long-reads. They are then going to scan some of the English language news and decide which articles or videos they think everyone in class should read.



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 Breaking news!

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I prefer to watch the news.
I prefer to read the news

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What is most important is that I know about something right away. 
What is most important is that I know the whole story – even if that takes a little longer.

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Local news is the most important.
Global news is the most important.

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I prefer to 
watch the news and learn about all kinds of topics.
I prefer 
choosing the news stories that I find interesting.

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Filter bubble?

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The news should be just facts.
The news can have opinions too.

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Join the newsroom!

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