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 Creating an infographic
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Data is meer dan eens ‘het nieuwe goud’ genoemd. Maar hoe ‘lees’ je data? Infographics zijn een krachtige tool om data om te zetten in een verhaal. Steeds vaker gebruiken organisaties infographics vaak om complexe informatie behapbaar te maken. In een goede infographic versterken tekst en beeld elkaar. In deze les gaan leerlingen zelf een infographic maken.



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 Creating an infographic

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Most places should simply remain dry this afternoon with long sunny spells. Just a slim chance of the odd shower with a gentle breeze.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a fine day, as it is set to be dry with lengthy spells of sunshine and just a light breeze.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday
Monday could see more in the way of cloud with a chance of light and drizzle for a time and it could be slightly cooler. Lengthy dry spells return on Tuesday, with some decent spells of sunshine and generally light winds too. Wednesday looks set to be breezier with the chance of outbreaks of rain and drizzle.

 London weather forecast 

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London weather forecast

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  What is an infographic?

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       use text 
       use images
       credit sources

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• Compare two things or people (such as: which phone       to buy, which sports team is the best, who is the 
   better rapper, which game console is superior) 
• Create an visual biography (timeline) for someone you 
   think is interesting. It could be an artist, athlete, actor, 
• Create a step-by-step recipe.
• Create a fact file of a place you would like to visit 
   one day.

 Pick one assignment: 

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