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Digi-doener! VO Engels | Protect your brain from technostress!

Protect your brain
from technostress!
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InformatievaardighedenEngelsMiddelbare schoolmavo, havo, vwoLeerjaar 1,2

This lesson contains 12 slides, with interactive quizzes, text slides and 1 video.

time-iconLesson duration is: 45 min


In this lesson, the students will learn about technostress. They will learn what technostress is, what the effects of stress hormones on the human body are and what you can do to deal with stress and protect yourself against it. Download hier de docentenhandleiding en de DIY-opdracht:



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Protect your brain
from technostress!

Slide 1 - Slide

How often do you feel stressed?
(almost) never
(almost) always

Slide 2 - Poll

What are things that can
make you feel stressed?

Slide 3 - Mind map

What do you think
of when you hear
the word ‘technostress’?

Slide 4 - Mind map

How often do you experience technostress?
(almost) never
(almost) always

Slide 5 - Poll

The bright side of stress

Slide 6 - Slide

The dark side of stress

Slide 7 - Slide

Slide 8 - Video

How can you protect your brain from technostress using technology?

Slide 9 - Slide

There’s an app for that

Slide 10 - Slide

Sharing our infographics

Slide 11 - Slide

Brain vs. Technology: 1-0

Slide 12 - Slide