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Digi-doener! VO Engels | Making smartphones the smart way

Making smartphones
the smart way
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EngelsICT-basisvaardigheden+1Middelbare schoolmavo, havo, vwoLeerjaar 1,2

This lesson contains 8 slides, with interactive quiz, text slides and 1 video.

time-iconLesson duration is: 50 min


In this lesson, students will research how smartphones are made. They will also learn about the Fairphone: a Dutch initiative to produce smartphones in a more sustainable way. Students will then create a poster to present their findings to their peers and raise awareness of the societal and environmental impact of smartphone production. Download hier de docentenhandleiding en de DIY-opdracht.



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Making smartphones
the smart way

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Do you own a smartphone?

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What are smartphones made of?

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Digging the materials

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Present your findings

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What do you think?

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