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How does LessonUp work?
About this lesson Plan
It's not rocket science! With LessonUp, you can easily make great lessons and use them in your classroom in no time.Nevertheless, we want to make sure you are able to fully take advantage of all that LessonUp has to offer for your lessons. Within this lesson plan, we have created a number of guides specifically for this purpose, as a reference book for you to use on your own time.Don't worry, all guides can be saved and/or printed.
Create your first lesson with LessonUp
You may have attended one of our workshops or seen a lesson from a colleague and are looking to dive deeper into what LessonUp is all about. Or maybe you want to show your fellow teachers how they can easily create engaging lessons in less than 30 minutes...In any case, this basic guide is a great starting point. It walks you through how you can create your first lesson within LessonUp.Subjects:create a new lesson;add materials to your lesson;working with images;teaching a LessonUp lesson.Suggested videos:
Interaction In LessonUp
Did we already mention that in less than 30 minutes you can make your lessons interactive? This boosts both enthusiasm and learning among your students.We will start with LessonUp's three basic interactive elements: the quiz, the open question and the word web. This allows a multitude of challenging teaching methods for pupils and teachers.Subjects:creating and teaching a quiz question;creating and teaching an open question;creating and teaching a wordweb.Suggested videos:
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