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Lower KS2: Individual Liberty-I'm Free to be Me

British Values
Individual Liberty
Lower KS2: I'm free to be me
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British ValuesPrimary Education

This lesson contains 13 slides, with interactive quizzes and text slides.

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Part of the British Values series. In this lesson, pupils will look in depth at the word 'Liberty' and consider what it means and why it is important.


We have designed our British Values lessons so that teachers can pick up and teach a topic to their class with confidence.
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British Values
Individual Liberty
Lower KS2: I'm free to be me

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This lesson can be used as part of a school's British Values curriculum.
It also links into the PSHE Association Programme of Study for KS2:
L1. to recognise reasons for rules and laws; consequences of not adhering to rules
and laws
L2. to recognise there are human rights, that are there to protect everyone
L3. about the relationship between rights and responsibilities
L4. the importance of having compassion towards others; shared responsibilities
we all have for caring for other people and living things; how to show care and
concern for others
L5. ways of carrying out shared responsibilities for protecting the environment
in school and at home; how everyday choices can affect the environment (e.g.
reducing, reusing, recycling; food choices)
In this lesson, we will:
  • Understand what Liberty means.
  • Think about why Liberty is important.

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Your class may have varying levels of understanding around this quite complex concept. 
What does the word Liberty mean to you?

Slide 3 - Mind map

Liberty is a big concept. Use this mindmap to gather pupil understanding.
They may have heard the word liberty while watching action movies or in songs.
Their responses can be moved around slide to sort and discuss.
Read I am Henry Finch by Alexis Deacon

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I am Henry Finch by Alexis Deacon is a brilliant story which captures the concept of individual liberty really well.

There is a version here.
Liberty is the freedom to live how we choose*
* as long as we don't hurt anyone or break the law

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How Does Henry Finch Show that He Has Liberty?

Slide 6 - Mind map

There is a repetition of the mindmap question here to unpick exactly how the character has demonstrated Individual Liberty.

A child writes to her local newspaper to campaign for more recycling bins
I'm not sure

Slide 7 - Poll

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A child decides that school is boring so doesn't go anymore
I'm not sure

Slide 8 - Poll

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A group of friends decide to go to the park after school
I'm not sure

Slide 9 - Poll

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A parent is late to collect their child so drives at 35mph in a 30mph zone to get their quicker
I'm not sure

Slide 10 - Poll

You can add more slides or change the question/ image to suit your school's unique context.

Create a collection of shared images to help other children to understand 'Individual Liberty'

Slide 11 - Open question

In this additional activity, pupils can explore different aspects of liberty that resonate with them. 

I know why liberty is important

Slide 12 - Poll

This poll can give you a quick snapshot of the class and an insight into who may need to explore the issue in more detail. The results will be displayed anonymously but you can look into how each child has answered the poll in the assessment view.

There is a how to guide here.

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