Wk 4 - Giving Opinions

Welcome Class MZV4V2
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Welcome Class MZV4V2

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Learning Goal: I will learn the correct way to give my opinion
     I will practice expressing myself


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How to share your opinion .......
Agree / Disagree
  •  In my opinion...             
  • I'm (not) convinced that...          
  • I (dis)agree with...     
  • I'm sure / certain that...
  • I'm (not) interested in...
  • I (strongly) believe...

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Asking for opinions
  • What do you think of…?
  • What are your thoughts on…?
  • How do you feel about…? 
  • What’s your opinion on…?

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End a conversation
  • It was nice chatting/discussing with you
  • I'm sorry to cut you off, but I have to go
  • Thank you for the information
  • Thank you for giving your opinion
  • Excuse me but I have to end the conversation

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Giving your opinion...

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Smoking marijuana should be illegal.
i agree
I am neutral
I disagree

Slide 7 - Poll

Police officers should not carry guns.

I agree
I am neutral
I disagree

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Graffiti is art, not crime.
I agree
I am neutral
I disagree

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Prisoners are sent to jail to be re-educated.
I agree
I am neutral
I disagree

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Everyone working in Health Care should be vaccinated.
I agree
I am neutral
I disagree

Slide 11 - Poll

Search for an issue facing Health Care at the moment and write your opinion on the issue.

Use the Teams Opdracht
+/_ 200 words

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