Devices for Deaf and HOH People/Spatial Organization

Devices for Deaf and HOH People/Spatial Organization
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American Sign Language9th Grade

This lesson contains 23 slides, with interactive quizzes, text slides and 3 videos.

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Devices for Deaf and HOH People/Spatial Organization

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  • Review and recall morning and afternoon routines
  • Observe devices for Deaf and hard of hearing people that assist them in different spaces (Deaf Space)
  •  Understand Spatial Organization and when to use it
  • Create a Deaf friendly classroom 

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Morning Routines
Afternoon Routines 

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Partner Assessment
  • Each partner sign three morning and evening routines to a partner (write them on a whiteboard, don't erase them)

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set alarm

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wake up
get up
get ready
get dressed

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Deaf Space

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ASL Notebook
Make a t-chart

Deaf Space
Hearing Space

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ADA Hotel Devices for the Deaf

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Spatial Organization

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After watching this video, how did Sean use spatial organization?

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Why do you think spatial organization is important?

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1. Write this dialogue in your ASL notebook

2. We will practice this together

3. You will sign this to a partner and give them feedback

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On your own
1. Create a Deaf friendly ASL classroom using 38 desks/chairs
2. Take in acount for the Deaf space we learned about in this lesson
3. You can draw this in your ASL notebook or on your computer (I use google slides)

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What to do
  • Make sure you include a teacher's desk, label the front of classroom, back of classroom, door, pod, areas of the classroom, include lighting, and devices that would be helpful for a Deaf teacher.
  • You will show this the next class and explain what you did

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Make this Deaf friendly

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