Literary Devices

V5Cam Today 

Let's revisit the poetic devices.  
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V5Cam Today 

Let's revisit the poetic devices.  

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Today's checklist... 
You know the literary devices.
You can identify the literary devices. 

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Which literary devices do you remember?

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What is 'imagery'?

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Mental pictures which are created by descriptions of the senses, so that we can see and feel what the character/narrator is experiencing. 

As they sat on the soft, sugary sand beach waiting for the sunset, the sinking sun shimmered on the water as the blue sky transformed into various shades of purple and pink.

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How would you explain 'personification'?

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When objects, animals, or phenomena are given human-like qualities.

Opportunity knocked at his door.

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_____ is the representation of one thing using another. For example, by colour, action, or person.

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a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable...

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A symbol stands for something else, bigger, universal. They allow writers to express complex ideas in simple ways. 

For example:
"Gravestones around me". -> ūüíÄ 
"I got plenty of roses for ya, girl". ->  ‚̧ԳŹ 
The colour red -> Love, blood? 
I got this fire inside of me -> Anger, power? 

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Which poetic device do we see here?

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Choose  the correct combinations
This can occur in the middle or end of a sentence. It allows a sentence to flow and gives it rhythm.
This occurs when the sounds of the consonants in a sentence are the same. e.g. Little Lucy 
Giving human qualities to objects making them come alive and being able to do human things
Is used to make the readers perceive things with their five senses. smell, see, taste, hear, touch

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Let's explore a piece
Find a random poem in your 'bible'. Could be from any time period (but I suggest you pick one you find difficult)
Which literary devices can you find? 
Identify and explain them. 

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Wat haal jij uit de les van vandaag?

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