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the yellow wallpaper

Steij Heeren, Hugo Beckers, Wiebe  Heuts & Roos Slakhorst
written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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the yellow wallpaper

Steij Heeren, Hugo Beckers, Wiebe  Heuts & Roos Slakhorst
written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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A woman writing in her journal is the narritive voice in the story. why is sche there? How would you discribe her mood and tone of her writing as she begins her journal?

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How does her the narrator describe the drifferences in personality between herself and john, her husband? What is her attitude toward him at the beginning of her journal? What appears to be their relationship and her position in their marriage?

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Why is writing in the journal so important to the narrator? Why must she keep her writing a secret?

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How does the narrator describe the house and grounds of the estate where she is living? Describe the bedroom john chooses for them. Why does she hate it?

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According to the narrator, what would make her feel better? Why does John ignore her judgment? Why do you suppose she submits to the treatment he imposes on her?

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As the journal continues at wich point do you begin to quistion the narrator's state of mind? What are some of the first details that suggest she might not be a reliable narrator?

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Explain how the narrator fixates on the yellow wallpaper in her bedroom. Why do you suppose she pends so much time thinking about it?

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Who is jennie? Why is she living in the estate? How does she seem to feel about John and the narrator?

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5 cito questions:

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how does the main character's perspective change as the story progresses
from acceptance to calm
from joyful contentment to deep sadness
from joy to resignation and acceptance
from optimism and hope to fearfull paranoia and madness

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what is the meaning behind the yellow wallpaper in the story
It symbolizes the protagonist's desire for a fresh start and new beginnings.
It represents the oppressive societal norms and expectations placed on women.
it represents a symbolic meaning for the mental health of the main character.
It represents the protagonist's fear of the unknown and the supernatural.

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What is the main theme explored in "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman?
The oppression of women in society.
The dangers of unstable mental health.
The role of literature in forming identity.
The struggle against class inequality.

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How does the relationship between the narrator and her husband, John, contribute to her deteriorating mental health in "The Yellow Wallpaper"?
John's dismissive attitude and lack of understanding
John's constant monitoring and control over her actions
John's insistence on the rest cure treatment
All of the above

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What gothic and Victorian characteristics are shown in the story

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