Listening practice

Listening practice
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Listening practice

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You are going to listen to a podcast about Mary Queen of Scots. 
On the next page you will see a link to the podcast.

After this, there are questions for you to answer.

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What TV show did Greg the presenter work on?

Slide 4 - Open question

How far back in time are we going?

Slide 5 - Open question

Where was Mary born?

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How old was Mary when she became Queen of Scotland?

Slide 7 - Open question

Mary was Queen of Scotland and which other country?

Slide 8 - Open question

Were the Scottish lords happy to have Mary back?

Slide 9 - Open question

Who/wie sings the song who runs the world?

Slide 10 - Open question

Who/wie is James Stewart?

Slide 11 - Open question

Who/wie did Mary write letters to?

Slide 12 - Open question

What did Elizabeth offer Mary?

Slide 13 - Open question

Who/wie was Mary's new husband?

Slide 14 - Open question

What was the name of Mary's baby?

Slide 15 - Open question

Was Lord Bothwell a nice man?

Slide 16 - Open question

What happened to Mary after the battle/slag against James Stewart?

Slide 17 - Open question

When Mary escaped from prison where did she go? (ontsnappen gevangenis)

Slide 18 - Open question

In Scotland what happened to James?

Slide 19 - Open question

For how many years was Mary in house arrest/huisarrest?

Slide 20 - Open question

Did her secret messages/geheime berichten get read?

Slide 21 - Open question

Who/wie did Mary think chose Kings and Queens?

Slide 22 - Open question

What happened to Mary?

Slide 23 - Open question

Who/wie stayed with her at the end?

Slide 24 - Open question

Who/wie became King of England?

Slide 25 - Open question