Around the House Activities

Around the House Activities
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American Sign Language

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Around the House Activities

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  • Apply the room vocabulary we learned last class to houses in ASL
  • Create your own house and sign it to a partner (partner will try to draw your house)

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1. Identify room
2. Identify how to sign floors

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In your own words how would you sign different floors (there are two ways)

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Chat Mat
This is located in the clear folder. 
In ASL with a partner do the following:
1. Identify/pick one of the rooms
2. Identify what floor it is on, see if your partner can find it/circle the correct one 


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Chat Mat

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Turn to your partner 
Sign the following: 
How many floors does your house have 
how many bedrooms
how many bathrooms

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Describing your house
-You will use the following techniques to create and describe your house for the final activity

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Your turn 
-Work Sheet at the back of the room (if you are at home please email me)
-You are drawing a home with multiple stories 
-Your goal is to sign your house to a partner who will then try to draw it the way that you signed it
-Today focus on drawing the house and the rooms 
-Next time we will work on signing them

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