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Tag Questions
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Tag Questions

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Tag questions

You are very interested in this lesson, aren't you?

Ajax lost their last game, didn't they?

English is easy, isn't it?

Everybody loves McDonald's, don't they?

World of Warcraft isn't a difficult game, is it?

Lola doesn't like basketball, does she?

You can't do three backflips, can you?

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What are tag questions?

On the first page you read several sentences. Tag questions turn statements into questions.

English is easy. (statement)

English is easy, isn't it ? (question)

The short subsentence is called a tag question

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How to use a tag question?

A tag question consists of a verb and a pronoun. Sometimes you also use the word 'not' in the tag question.

He isn't smart, is he? (tag = verb + pronoun)

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Which pronoun?

Repeat the pronoun that is used in the statement. If a name is used, choose the correct pronoun.

We are happy, aren't we?

Jim isn't at school, is he?

The girls love swimming, don't they?

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Which verb?

If the statement contains a form of 'to be', repeat that one in the tag question:
Sheila and Janet are fond of tennis, aren't they?

If the statement contains an auxiliary (hulpwerkwoord), repeat that one in the tag question.
You can jump very far, can't you?

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Which verb 2?

If the statement does not contain a form of 'to be' or an auxiliary, you have to use a form of 'to do'. Choose the form that fits the statement:

Joan plays tennis, doesn't she?
Wim cooked dinner last night, didn't he?

We go to school by bus, don't we?

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positive - negative

If the statement is positive, the tag question is negative.

I like cats, don't I?
Jim is 15, isn't he?

If the statement is negative, the tag question is positive.

John doesn't enjoy flying, does he?

English isn't difficult, is it?

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Which tag question is correct:
I love playing computer games,
love I?
loven't I?
do I?
don't I?

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Which tag question is correct?
Superman has many powers,
has he?
hasn't he?
does he?
doesn't he?

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Which tag question is correct?
James didn't sleep on the couch,
did he?
didn't he?
does he?
doesn't he?

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Which tag question is correct?
This exercise isn't easy,
isn't it?
is it?
does it?
doesn't it?

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Which question belongs to the tag question?
..., aren't you?
You like Batman,
He is fond of Deadpool,
You are count Dracula,
You aren't Usain Bolt,

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Tag questions are used to turn statements into questions.

Repeat the form of 'to be' or the auxiliary (hulpwerkwoord)

Other verbs, add a form of 'to do'

Choose the correct pronoun

Positive statement = negative tag question

Negative statement = positive tag question

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Time for practise
You can now do exercises 26 and 27 in your Stepping Stones Activity Book (page 78)

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