Fresh, Canned, Frozen, Dried

What is your favorite way
of eating vegetables?
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What is your favorite way
of eating vegetables?

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Unit 3 Vegetables

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What are we going to learn?
  • Classifications
  • Nutritional Value
  • Selecting & Storing
  • Fresh, Canned, Frozen, Dried

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Cost of Fresh Vegetables
Vegetables cost less during their peak growing season

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Canned Vegetables
  • Canned vegetables usually cost less than either frozen or fresh produce
  • Choose cans that are free from dents, bulges, and leaks
  • Store cans in a cool, dry place

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Frozen Vegetables
  • Frozen vegetables retain the appearance and flavor of fresh vegetables better than canned and dried vegetables. 
  • However, freezing may alter their texture somewhat

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Frozen Vegetables
  • Frozen vegetables usually cost less than fresh
  • Choose packages that are clean and frozen solid
  • A heavy layer of ice may indicate that the food thawed and re-froze

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Dried Vegetables (Legumes)
  • Examples of dried vegetables: Peas, Beans, and Lentils
  • Legumes are high in protein and fiber
  • Store then in a cool dry place and in covered container 

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How do you like you like to purchase your vegetables?

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Unit Price
The unit price of an item is the cost per unit of the item. 

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Unit Price
We divide the price of certain number of units of an item (each, ounce) by the number of units (pounds, each).

This is how we find the Unit Price

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Unit Price Example
To find the Unit Price of 12 ounces of soup that costs $2.40.

First: Divide $2.40 by 12 ounces

The answer will = 0.20

The Unit Price of 12 ounces of soup that costs $2.40 is $0.20

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"Better Buy"
To determine which of two given items is a "better buy" look at the unit price.

  • The item with the smaller unit price is considered the "better buy"

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"Better Buy" Example
In an store, especially a grocery store, the Unit Price is visible on the label for easy comparison

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What canned vegetable is the "better buy"?
12 oz for $3.25
24 oz for $4.00

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What fresh vegetable is the "better buy"
2 Onions for $0.99
6 Onions for $3.99

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Price Comparison Assignment
22 Points

Watch the video
Using, fill out the Price Comparison Document
DUE 10/12 11:59pm

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