Lesson 4 - Joints and Muscles

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Lesson 4: Muscles and Joints

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Types of joints
  • Hinge Joint: One direction of movement
  • Ball & socket Joint: Lots of movement
  • Pivot Joint: Allows rotation
  • Fixed: No movement
  • Gliding Joint: Slide over each other to allow movement

Excerisize: Move joints and determine what type of joint it is!

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Research experiment

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The scientific method
  • Start? Research question
  • Guess about the awnser of this question -> Hypothesis

  • Run experiments to test it!

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Research Question and Hypothesis 
From now on I will not water this plant anymore.

What could be my research question? 
What could be my hypothesis?

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Finger Tapping Experiment
You are going to count for two minutes how many times someone taps their finger (attached to an elastic) in two minutes time.

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-Read the experiment instructions on classroom
     make a Guiding question/research question
     make a Hypothesis
-Worksheet muscles and movement
-Update Mind Map (upload a screenshot)

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