havo 4 unit 16

unit 16
eat to live
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unit 16
eat to live

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ex 1
Write down a list of everything you ate yesterday.
Compare your list with your partner.

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ex 2
What do people eat in....
Japan                        Alaska                        California

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do ex 3 listening
cd 2 nr 12

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reading exercise 5
This is a useful exercise to practise for the reading test and your exam. Texts like this one can also be in the havo exam!

tip: take a close look at the information before and after the gap. underline key words in the sentences, which will help you determine which is the right one.

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canned = ingeblikt                                                weak = slap
dairy = zuivel                                                            juicy = sappig
bitter = bitter                                                            bad = slecht / niet goed meer
rich = machtig
rotten = rot
go off = niet goed meer zijn
tough = taai
strong = sterk
ripe = rijp
mild = mild

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the indefinite article
a is used before a consonant
an is used before a vowel

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a / an
  • When you talk about things in general
  • is used for jobs

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the difenite article : the
is used:
  • when something has been mentioned before
  • when something is common knowledge
  • when there is only one
  • with buildings
  • with rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, regions, national groups and countrieswhich are groups of states
  • with species
  • with superlatives
  • with musical instruments
  • when talking about something specific

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no article
is used:
  • with most streets ( the High Street) , countries, single mountains
  • when talking about sports
  • when a noun is used generally
  • with illnesses

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go to prison  ( building : the, use; X)
go to hospital
go to church

go to bed                                          go to work
have lunch, dinner etc.               in October etc.
go on holiday                                   to hold office

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do ex 1-4 + corpus spot
tip: exercises 3 and 4 are representative of the exercise in the test!

You can find an exercise for extra practise on the ELO

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If people possess something: 's / s'
If things possess things: of

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's / s'
The girl's bike.
the girls'bikes.

the man's bike.
the men's bikes.

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's / s'
a month's holiday
a three hours' journey

a ten miles' drive

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objects                                                       container
the door of the house                         a bottle of milk
the cover of the book                         a box of chocolates

the back of the room

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nouns describing nouns
a pear tree

a coffee cup

a shopwindow

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do ex 5 
There is an exercise for extra practise on the ELO.

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