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Open je lesson up en toets de code in 

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What are your plans for the holidays?

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ipv bvb
Jullie hebben een mail gehad
lees die goed door

je gaat aan de slag met de woorden die je voor de bvb geleerd hebt

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  • Maak een Meme
  • Maak een qr code
7 woorden wel elk met een andere begin letter
waarin je laat zien dat je de betekenis begrijpt

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voorbeeld meme

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voorbeeld qr

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Slide 8 - Link

can you give a short summary of
the news?

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What is your opinion?

everybody in the Netherlands should be an organ donor...


Why not?

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What is your opnion?

abortion should be forbidden by law.


why not?

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Think of a country you definitely won’t want to live or work in. Tell your classmate about the country and explain your choice. 




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Describe what you see....

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Describe what you see....

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Describe what you see....

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Describe what you see...

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Describe what you see...

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Giving your opinion...
  • Smoking marijuana should be legal.
  • Police officers should not carry guns.
  • Criminals who take a life (kill someone) should spend their entire life behind bars.
  • Graffiti is art, not crime.
  • Prisoners are sent to jail to be reeducated.
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    Giving your opinion
  • Men should open doors for women.
  • Men and women can never really be equal.
  • Women are better at teaching children than men are.
  • Men are smarter than women.
  • Companies should have quotas on their executive boards to make them 50% female.
  • At a bar, men should initiate conversation with women (and not the other way around).
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