A Happy Prince

Express gratitude to anyone in the class who has helped you in your difficult times. (Try not to use 'Thank you')
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Express gratitude to anyone in the class who has helped you in your difficult times. (Try not to use 'Thank you')

Slide 1 - Open question

Learners will be able to
  • Express gratitude to the peers in the class. 
  • Connect the story of the Nightingale with the story of the swallow.  
  • Recognise the efforts of the Happy Prince in the story and apply the same in real life. 
  • Utilise the strategy of ‘think’ and ‘share’ while discussing the question answers.  
  • Write the diary entry incorrect format as a resident of the city expressing the feelings and emotions on the dismantling of the statue of ‘The Happy Prince’. 

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What message does the bird give us?

Slide 5 - Open question

Give a title to the story.

Slide 6 - Open question

Can you guess the name of the story and the writer?

Slide 7 - Open question

Who was Oscar Wilde? Can u name any other story written by him?

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Oscar Wilde
Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (16 October 1854 – 30 November 1900) was an Irish poet and playwright. ... Known for his biting wit, flamboyant dress and glittering conversational skill, Wilde became one of the best-known personalities of his day.
Works wrote: The Ballad of Reading Gaol, De ...
Profession: Poet, Playwright, Journalist, Surge...
Born: 16 October 1854
Died: 30 November 1900, Paris

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Drag and Drop
Drag the meaning in the boxes with a blue outline and drop them to match with the correct word in the boxes with red outline.

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covered thinly with gold leaf
a woman who makes a living by sewing
a metal or a plastic cap with a closed end
a small dark room at the top of the room
a workshop for casting metal

Slide 13 - Drag question

Do you think precious stones are important in one's life? Why or Why not?

Slide 14 - Open question


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Describe the young man in the garret? Why was he not able to complete his play?

Slide 16 - Open question

The little swallow grew colder and colder but kept up his determination. How did the bird show his great strength and determination?

Slide 17 - Open question

What did the angel consider the ‘two most important things in the city’?

Slide 18 - Open question

What made the happy prince look shabby and beggarly?

Slide 19 - Open question

Give a brief character sketch of the swallow.

Slide 20 - Mind map

Character sketch of the Happy Prince

Slide 21 - Mind map

The Happy Prince and the swallow have displayed traits of a friendship. What kind of friendship did they have? What do we learn from the story?

Slide 22 - Open question

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