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Today we'll have a look at....
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Today we'll have a look at....

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Conditionals are extremely important in the English language because they help us express things that may happen in the present and future.
And even talk about things that could've happened. 

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Condition >>> Result
Conditionals describe the result of a certain condition.
The if clause tells you the condition (If you study hard) and the main clause tells you the result (you will pass your exams).

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Two parts :

a condition (if...) and a result.
If it rains, you get wet.

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In total, there are 4 different types of conditionals.

But for today we'll only focus on two of them.  

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Which of these two sentences is more likely to happen?
If you freeze water, it becomes solid.
If it rains tomorrow, I'll take the car.

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Type 0 

If it snows, the roads get slippery and dangerous.
Type 1

If you don't hurry you will miss the train.

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Conditional type 0
This conditional is used when the result will always happen.

If the temperature is below zero, water freezes.
If today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday.

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If clause (condition) + Main clause (result)

If + simple present + simple present

If this thing happens, that thing happens.

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My mum _______ (to be)
busy, I help her.

Slide 10 - Open question

If it doesn't ________ (to rain), plants cannot grow.

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If you heat ice, it ______ (to melt).

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Conditional type 1
 They refer to a possible condition and its probable result.

If Sally is late again, I will be mad.

If you don't hurry, you will miss the bus.

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If + simple present

If it rains

If you don’t hurry
Simple future

you will get wet

we will miss the train.

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If I _____ (to do) this test, I ______ (to improve) my English.

Slide 15 - Open question

If they _____ (not do) study harder, they (not pass) the exam.

Slide 16 - Open question

If we ____ (travel) to London, we _____ (visit) the museums.

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You can also swap the result and its condition

We will go on a picnic if the weather is fine.

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Type 0 
Type 1
When the sun sets, it gets cold.

If you don't eat now, you'll be hungry later.

Slide 19 - Drag question

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It's time to practice.
I'll give you a situation and you're gonna have to write either a zero conditional sentence or a first conditional sentence to go with it, whichever one you think is the most appropriate.

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You're a teacher and you want to warn your students that they need to do their homework or tomorrow there's going to be trouble

Slide 22 - Open question

You're talking to a child and you're explaining a fact about nature.

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You're talking to a friend and you want to warn them to not be late to work tomorrow.

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You're a politician giving a speech and you want to promise change in the future if the people vote for you.

Slide 25 - Open question

You're explaining how to prepare your favorite dish to a group of friends.

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