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Friday Sub
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Friday Sub

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Morning Work 9 am
They will have a worksheet on their desk. After they are done with their worksheet, they will have a quiz in the next slide to take. They will take the quiz on paper on my desk! It is about math. Please wait till everyone is done with their work to take the quiz. The morning work goes in the morning work bin. 

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ELA 10 am
After done with their quiz, on the next slide play this video and they will answers questions as they go through. If this does get done please pick any book on my shelf and read to them. If you have time after that do they extra work packet on my desk. When done with everything please let them have their snack.

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1 What is an adjective?
2- Give me 5 examples.
3- Write a 3 sentence with 4 adjectives adjectives.

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No math 11 am
 No math because of their test, so do the extra worksheet packet for 45 minutes they can buddy up. After that, they can watch this cool video on math. 
Then go to lunch in the Cafeteria. 

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1:05 pm Movie time
At this time we would usually have social studies or science but today they will be watching a movie with another class. It is  Cloudy with a chance of Meat balls. 

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2:45 pm Specialist
They will now go to the gym and be dismissed from the gym. Hope you had a great day! They will not have any homework!  Just walk them to a specialist and you are done for the day! Have a great Friday evening. 

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How did the day go?
Was everyone being good?
Who was great and who was bad?

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