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For today
-Getting acquainted (kennismakingsspellen)

-Kahoot quiz recap

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Who am I?
-Steven Wenas
-Student at the HAN in Nijmegen (still graduating)
-Leraren opleiding Engels
27 years old, live in Arnhem
Teacher code: WENST

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Let's do a little guessing game

To get to know me a bit better!

I'll be giving statements and you have to gues if it's true or false!

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I own 3 music instruments

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The answer is: false!
I own 5 music instruments!

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If I would eat at an all you can eat restaurant, how many rounds can I order and eat?

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The answer is
7 rounds!

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Where do you think I’m originally from?

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The answer is

But I was born in The Netherlands

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What type of music would suit me best? What do you think?
Hip Hop
Classical music

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Now it's your turn!
Look for an object in your room that describes you in many ways! 
You'll have some time to go look for something. After that, show it in the camera and tell us why you choose that object!

(If you can't find something suitable, you may name the object)

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Would you rather...
I'll be showing some statements. For each statement you have to decide what you rather have/want.

I'll ask some of you what you've chosen and why to get to know you better!

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If you have unlimited money, on what would you spend it?

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Would you rather have
No money
No internet

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Would you rather
Never be able to play videogames again
Never be able to use social media again

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Would you rather
Howl like a wolf at every light source
Be followed by geese for the rest of your life

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What place would you like to explore?

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If you could be an animal for one day, which one would you be?

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Would you rather be able to
detect any lie you hear
get away with any lie you tell

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Would you rather
have to make a one-minute speech in front of 10,000 peeps
kiss a frog

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We got to know some interesting things about each other!

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Kahoot recap
This will be quiz about grammar and vocabulary (including lab terminology) that you've had the past months.

Are you ready?

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For next time
We will see each other again in two weeks.

I'll send an email regarding your new study guide.

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