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EnglishSecondary Education

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Supriya Kelkar

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Where and when is the story set?
 Set in 1942 during the Indian Freedom Movement, this novel touches on so many timely issues. After Mahatma Gandhi asks each family to give one member to the nonviolent freedom fight, Anjali is devastated to think about her father joining the movement. But he isn’t the one going. Her mother is.

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Introduction To Characters
In the first five chapters, you will be meeting:

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Anjali is a 10 year old young girl who is filled with patriotism for her country, India. 

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Her mother, Shailaja
Anjali's mother is one of the many people influenced greatly by Gandhi ji and his freedom movement. We will see how she helps Anjali discover who she is and at the same time contributes in the movement. 

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Her father
Anjali's father is an important role in her life. He is a professor.  

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Captain Brent
Captain Brent is an intimidating British officer who treats all Indians, irrespective of caste, as untouchables. Anjali has several face-offs with Captain Brent, in one of them where he calls all the Indians pests, she replies, “We’re not the ones invading someone else’s home like a cockroach.” 

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Irfan is Anjali's friend, whom she considers as her brother. 

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An old person with old thinking. He does not like women working outside of home,  and does not like untouchables anywhere near to him.

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Mohan, is an untouchable who lives in a dirty basti. He is the toilet cleaner of their home. He is just a few years older than Anjali.

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Other Characters:
Suman: Anjali's neighbor and her classmate.
Anusuya: Anjali's classmate who lost her father in Quit India  Movement
Jamuna: Anjali's house maid
Nandini: Anjali's cow and her best friend

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Word Meaning
1) Intimidating - to make timid or fearful
2) Untouchability - A part of caste system, where people are considered unlucky and can't be touched. They are stuck with filthy jobs.
3) Vandalizing -  to deliberately destroy or damage (property)
4) Filthy -  very dirty

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