4V: start essay writing unit 4E

start essay writing
- parts of an essay
- structure using signposting language

we use Unit 4E
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start essay writing
- parts of an essay
- structure using signposting language

we use Unit 4E

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parts of essay?

Slide 2 - Mind map

- introduction
topic, statement
- arguments
- conclusion
repetition statement, brief summary

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Essay writing
1. Include a short introduction. Start with a 'hook' & explain what the rest of the essay is about. 
2. Write  2 longer paragraphs for the main body of the essay. Include all the information( examples, facts, opinion of experts)
3. Include a short conclusion. Emphasise your own opinion and/or the most important point in your essay.

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book unit 4E page 50
the chapter is about a letter to a newspaper, but we can use the main setup. 

p51 plan: for an essay you don't write your reason for writing or personal situation. 

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Structure strip
write your plan and a few keys words in the margin

paragraphs next to it

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What on earth is an essay?!
An essay is a piece of writing that:
  • has +- 5 paragraphs.
  • You express  an opinion about something.
  •  You try to prove your point by coming up with evidence and examples. .

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on the following slides
some useful vocab posters
a literary essay layout

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on the following slides
some useful vocab posters

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Structure of an Essay

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Linking words and phrases:

  • To express personal opinions:  In my opinion, I believe that, I feel that/ it seems to me/ in my view/ as I see it / I think/ personally.

  • To show purpose: to / in order to / so as to / so that
  • To list ideas: Firstly/secondly/ finally/ In the first place/Lastly/ In addition/ in conclusion
  • To contrast ideas: However/ although/ in contrast/ whereas/ but/ nethertheless / in spite of / despite. 

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More on essay writing

re-write your practice essay

Friday: Literature

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From your work...intro
In the 18th century it is very important that you marry the right person for the power of your family and the children you are going to have. Beauty is an important aspect for this. Beauty and money (power) say a lot about you, including Dorian Gray. 

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From your work...intro
 ‘Pride and prejudice’ is a love story set in the 19th century. The book ‘Pride and prejudice’ begins with Mrs. Bennet, who wants all of her daughters to get married, the higher the status the better. Marriage is a common theme in ‘Pride and prejudice’.

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From your work.... argument
The book that I chose is “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, the story takes place around the end of the 19th century in a busy London. [...] The story is mainly about men in a high class of society: lawyers, doctors and chemists; all professions that require a university education. 

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From your work... conclusion
In the end, Emily also gets her freedom, to a certain extend. The book makes fun of the patriarchy, and was truly an iconic feminist piece of literature. It does a good job of reflecting on the struggles of women and the many flaws of the patriarchy. 

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From your work: a really good one
Jane Eyre isn’t an ordinary book. It’s not about marrying a man above your social layer. It’s the reason that you love and respect a man. 
The man is still better than the woman. John, Jane's stepbrother, is bullying her all day long. Every day of the year. And when Jane said that to her governess she was punished. And John always gets away with what he does. 
Jane Eyre is a very different book than other 19 century books

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Finish your essay
- read my comments on your work

- use a structure strip: PLAN YOUR WORK
introduction: topic, the point you want to make
2 or 3 points + examples from book (just google it if you haven't read it yet)

- use the signposting words from last time to give your work structure

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Topic: "Courage is Contagious"!
  • Watch the Ted-talk on Courage is Contagious.
  • Follow the "Stappenplan Essay".
  • Write down:  what you thought of the Ted-Talk, If you agree or disagree with the speaker and why? What does this mean to you personally and is Courage really Contagious?
  • At least 200 words or more!!! In English ofcourse!
Courage is Contagious

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