Grammar; Future Tenses

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Lesson Aims
At the end of class, you;
... know the four forms of the future.
... can use the four forms of the future. 

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Future Tenses

Slide 3 - Mind map

Going to
Present Continuous
Present Simple

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Future Tenses
  1.  Will/ Shall
  2. 'Going to'
  3. Present Continuous
  4. Present Simple

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Future Tenses
1. Will/ Shall

Shall: Bij spontane besluiten (Shall bij I & we gebruiken!)
Shall I carry that bag for you?

Will: Bij iets dat je zult doen
We will go to Venice some time next year.

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Future Tenses
2. Going to + full verb
- als je wilt aangeven dat iemand iets in de toekomst van plan is. - als je een voorspelling doet waar je bewijs voor hebt, bijv.:

Look at those dark clouds! It is going to rain.
(Kijk eens naar die donkere wolken! Het gaat zo regenen.)

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Future Tenses
2. Going to + het hele werkwoord
am / are / is + going to + full verb

- I am going to walk to the station in ten minutes.
- He is going to eat some fruit.
- They are going to visit the museum next week.

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Future Tenses
3. Present Continuous (-ing vorm)
- om aan te geven dat er iets geregeld is voor de toekomst. 

Vorm : am / are / is + verb-ing

I am taking my friend to the cinema tonight.

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Future Tenses
4. Present Simple
- als je het hebt over een dienstregeling, rooster of reisschema.
Vorm: Verb (+s, SHIT-Rule)

The train leaves in three minutes.
The bus arrives at 14:30.

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Future Clauses
- Als iets in de toekomst kan gaan gebeuren.
If, when, unless, before, after, as soon as, until, once, ect.

(If / When)  ...   Present Simple   +  Future verb form  
                                                                      (will, going to, ect.)

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Future Clauses
If I go to my friend's house for dinner tonight, I will take a bottle of wine or some flowers.
-> I am still not sure if I will go to his house or not.

When I have a day off from work, I am going to go to the beach.
-> I have to wait until I have a day off.

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