havo 4 unit 14

unit 14
career moves
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unit 14
career moves

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Definition of skill
 1  a  : the ability to use one's knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance  b  : dexterity or coordination especially in the execution of learned physical tasks 
2  : a learned power of doing something competently : a developed aptitude or ability   language skills
What skills are important for the jobs in pictures 1 and 2? 
Which job would you prefer and why?

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  • Read the statements. Underline the key words.
  • Read the five fragments. Underline lines that connect to the     keywords you underlined
  • Decide which statement belongs to which woman.

check your answers in the back of the book. wrong answer? go back tot he text and see if you now see why your answer is wrong.

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now do exercise 5
Turn the words into negatives
Find the meaning to the negative words

write down:
word - negative - definition

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verb                                noun                      adjective                adverb
to be honest              honesty               (dis)honest            (dis)honestly
to organise                organisation     (dis)organised  
to be patient             patience               (im)patient           (im)patiently
to be responsible   responsibility     (ir)rseponsible    (ir)responsibly
to be succesful       success                (un)successful    (un)successfully

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grammar extra
expressions with all:
to have it all = het allemaal hebben 
not at all = helemaal niet 
all along = de hele tijd (al) 
the best (thing) of all= het beste van alles/ allemaal 
all of a sudden = plotseling 
but for all = ondanks 
all-in all = alles bij elkaar 
above all = meer dan wat dan ook  
now do the exercise! Check your answers in the back of the book1

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the perfect tenses
present perfect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXCpj3UY5JA
present perfect continuous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuUDb4IUxzE
past perfect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhfLpFBR4W8
past perfect continuous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuUDb4IUxzE
future perfect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Dw33qoeuNE

Op de volgende slies zie je de filmpjes, daarna de uitleg in het Engels.

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perfect tenses
  Present perfect :    he has gone 
• The result of something that happened in the past is still noticeable and/or important 
• Something started in the past and is still going on or it stopped very recently (just) 
She has been a teacher for twenty years
Present perfect continuous:   he has been going 
• Something started in the past and has been going on until now (duration is important)  She has been talking about her past for 15 minutes now.  The secretary has been answering calls from the press all morning. 
• Something has started in the past and is going on until now and you do not like it (irritation)  I have been waiting for you for almost an hour in the freezing cold.    

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perfect tenses
Past perfect:     he had gone 
• When something happens after something else in the past, what happened first gets the past perfect. 
After the police had chased the thieves for  two hours, they were finally caught.   
Past perfect continuous:   he had been going 
• The fact that something happened before something else gets an added meaning: duration (that it went on for a while) is important. 
The parents had been worrying about Johnny’s fate when he  appeared.  

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future perfect
future perfect: he will have gone
  • When something is still future at the moment it is said or written but at the point in the future that is mentioned it will already be in the past.
In 2025 I will have finished my studies.

future perfect continuous
Adds the idea of duration tot he future perfect
When dad comes home at six  the dog will have been chasing his own tail for twenty minutes

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Make some extra exercises:

https://www.grammarbank.com/perfect-tenses-mixed-exercise.html ( progressive = continuous)

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perfect tenses
Make exercises 1 -3 and 6  = corpus spotcheck your answers in the back of the book

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do exercise 4  write down:
person - skills - qualities - experience

What other skills and qualifications would be useful in each job?

cd 2 nr 7

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