16-9-21 1b week 1.1 (1)

Thursday 16 September 2021
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Thursday 16 September 2021

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Today's lesson
Learning goals
Classroom agreements and things you need to bring each lesson
Introducing ourselves
Classroom language

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Learning goals
By the end of this lesson, you:

-Know the classroom agreements
-Know what you need to bring each lesson
-Know how to greet someone
-Have told us a little bit about yourself
-Know some classroom language

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Classroom agreements
We should all feel safe and happy coming to this class!

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Classroom agreements
  • We are on time.
  • We do not eat or drink during lessons.
  • We leave our phones in the "telefoon tas".
  • We come into the classroom in a calm manner.
  • We get ready to start the lesson: books and notebooks on the table.
  • We raise our hand if we want to say or ask something.
  • We show respect to others and their belongings.
  • We speak English!

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What do you need to bring each lesson?
Eyes Open Student's Book
Eyes Open Workbook
Notebook (A4)

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Introducing yourself
When you meet someone you greet them.
Look in your Student's book on page 4, exercise 1

Read the sentences and try to complete them.
Write the answers in your notebook.

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Jane: Hi.
Mark: Hello.
Jane: What's your name?
Mark: I'm Mark. What's your name?
Jane: I'm Jane.
Mark: Nice to meet you, Jane.
Jane: Nice to meet you, too!

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A little bit about me....   Roos Waarsing

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Introduce yourself in pairs
Hello, my name is....
I come from..... Or I live in.....
I live with ..... (my mum / dad / brother(s) / sister(s)/.....)
I am ..... years old
I have .... (a brother/ a sister / a dog / a cat/......)
I play ...... (tennis /football / games on the playstation/....)
I like to......

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Classroom language:

Student's Book:
Starter Unit, Classroom objects
Page 5, exercises 2&3

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Do you...
-Know our classroom agreements?
-Know what you need to bring each lesson?
-Know how to greet someone?
-Know some classroom language?

Have you...
-Been able to tell us a little bit about yourself?

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