Theme 5 UK versus US lesson 2: intonation

Any snowball fights? Ice-skating? Drinking hot chocolate? What did you do Sunday?
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Any snowball fights? Ice-skating? Drinking hot chocolate? What did you do Sunday?

Slide 1 - Open question

Try to write a very long sentence using the words on top of page 44.

Slide 2 - Open question

Pronunciation / Intonation

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Let's practise! 
I can't wait to go to the beach this summer. 

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Let's practise!
I really don't want to go on this business trip tomorrow. 

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Let's practise
  • The food here is amazing!
  • The food here is alright. 

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Let's practise again!
Thanks, I'd love to! 

I am not sure. Let me see.
I maybe busy this weekend. 

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What's your opinion? Better to say "no" or "maybe" to an invitation you don't really like?

Slide 9 - Open question

Practise in groups!
You will be divided into break-out rooms. 
Together with one or two classmates do listening assignments 19C+19D (activity book page 46)
You've got about 4 minutes to do these exercises. 

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Practise in groups again!
But first you'll have to prepare (= exercise 20B)
You have 4 minutes to
- memorize three fun facts from page 85 of your textbook. 
- and to look up some fun facts about America on the internet. 

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Exercise 20A
You will be divided into a break-out room with two or three classmates. 
Share your fun facts. 
Talk about whether you were surprised by the fun fact. 
Make sure you ask your classmate's opinion

Tip: Use the language help (textbook page 85)

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Homework Friday 12th of February
Do ss online grammar course 9 easy, standard and difficult, 12-02 deadline
Study vocab page 97

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