GC2 2. Lesson 1 - Introduction to gender equality (with links)

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This lesson contains 34 slides, with interactive quiz and text slides.

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You are aware of the variety of inequalities between men and women.
You can explain to classmates something about a gender-equality topic that you have researched.

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Equality Kahoot quiz
Topics research

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Gender equality quiz

Listen carefully
Try to guess what the answer is to the question

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Topic research - in pairs
You will have been given a number between 1-12. Look at the  topic question that relates to your number, Read the answer and go to the next slide to open the link. Go to the website and find:
- Short description of the issue
- Important percentages
- Something that shocks you
- What kind of improvement has there been made?
- Anything else that you would consider important information

Both of you need to write the information down.


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Question 1.
 How many countries guarantee legal equality between men and women in their laws and constitutions?
143 out of 195 countries

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Question 2.
What proportion of the world’s women has experienced physical or sexual violence? 
1 in 3 women

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Question 3
What proportion of the world’s countries have achieved equality in boys’ and girls’ enrollment in education?
2 in 3 countries

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Question 4
How many women die from preventable causes
related to pregnancy and childbirth every day?
830 women

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Question 5
In how many countries are same sex relationships illegal?
74 out of 195 countries

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Question 6
How many countries have women heads of government?
18 out of 195 countries

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Question 7
In how many countries can women obtain an abortion on request?
55 out of 195 countries (Note: this question refers to a woman’s own wishes independent of medical,psycho-social or other reasons for an abortion.)

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Question 8
What is the highest rate of female participation in the labour force in the world?
85% (Burundi)
Note: this high figure may appear positive. However it may also be negative if
work is low paid, exploitative or insecure. The figure for EU countries is 51%.

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Question 9
What proportion of the world’s illiterate people are women?
2 out of 3 women

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Question 10
How many CEOs of the FTSE top 100 companies are women?
5 women

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Question 11
Out of the 537 people who have travelled in space, how many have been women?
65 women

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Question 12
When and where was the first law passed to legally recognize same sex relationships?
1989 (Denmark)

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Speed-dating - in pairs
Take out a pen/paper or use your iPad.
The student sitting on the right side of the pair moves in a snake shape one seat when the timer runs out.
You each get 2 minutes to explain your topic to the other student.
The other student takes notes on your topic.
After 2 minutes, you swap roles.
After 4 minutes, one student moves to a different seat (in the same snake-like pattern), to talk to a different classmate about their topic, and learn about a new topic.


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What have you learned, what has shocked you?

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Goals recap
You are aware of the variety of inequalities between men and women
You can explain to classmates something about a gender-equality topic they have researched.

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Homework (for next GC lesson)
At home, look at gender inequalities within your own country. Think about the following:
In what way can you see gender inequality in your lives. Think about; gender roles (mum and dad), sport, work, professions, toys. 

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