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Today we are....

   Adding Fractions
 (with Unlike Denominators)

with Ms. Strife :)
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Today we are....

   Adding Fractions
 (with Unlike Denominators)

with Ms. Strife :)

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At the end of this lesson...
  • You will know how to create a common denominator 
  • You will know how to add fractions with like and unlike denominators 

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What do you already know? 
What is a numerator? 
What is a denominator?
This is a mindmap

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  • The top number in a fraction 
  • A numerator represents the number of parts out of the whole
  • The bottom number in a fraction
  • The denominator is the total number of equal parts that whole is divided into

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How do we add fractions with like denominators?
****notice the denominator

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Try on your own!

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What about fractions with different denominators?

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How do we make a common denominator?

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X 2
x 2

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I will show you!

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Multiples of 4:   4, 8, 12, 16, 20 
Multiples of 6:   6. 12. 18. 20

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Now let`s do it together!

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Now let`s do it together!

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Show me what you learned! Use the stickers to fill in your answers!

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Why did the fraction cross the road?

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To meet the other half.
Great job today! Keep up the good work! Next time we will begin learning how to subtract fractions!

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