HAVO 5 Writing an essay Class 5 (21-22)

HAVO 5 Writing Class 5
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HAVO 5 Writing Class 5

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Class work
- how to write topic sentences
- how to construct your body paragraphs

- practise writing body paragraphs

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  • Ik weet hoe ik een topic sentence moet formulren.
  • Ik heb geoefend met het schrijven van body paragraphs

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What in a topic sentence? 
The topic sentence expresses what the paragraph is about. It should include two key things: 

  • The topic of the paragraph
  • The central point of the paragraph.

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When to write your topic sentences? 
As said before, the first step is to write your thesis statement. In this process, you ask yourself why this is your point of view and how  you are going to persuade your readers. 

While doing this, you are going to construct an essay outline

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I. Introduction   
          A. Hook
          B. Background information
          C. Thesis statement

II. Paragraph 1
          A. Topic sentence
          B. Evidence and/or examples

III. Paragraph 2 (same as paragraph 1)
IV. Paragraph 3 (same as paragraph 1) 

V. Conclusion
          A. Summary
          B. Significance
          C. Strong closing sentence 

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When to write your topic sentences? 
In this outline you are going to construct all your arguments, and thus create your topic sentences. 

Remember, just like the rest of the essay, the topic sentences need to be re-read and re-written after having finished the entire essay to make sure everything fits. 

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How to write the body paragraphs? 
After having thought of a thesis statement, constructing a (temporary) thesis statement and (temporary) topic sentences, you start writing your body paragraphs. 

First, just brainstorm about whatever you can think of. Write down separate sentences, just note down some ideas. You can always change whathever you wrote and maybe the order in which the sentences appear. 

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How to write the body paragraphs? 
Tip: never just delete a big part before you finished writing your entire essay. You never know if you might need the information later on. 

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How to write the body paragraphs? 
After having finished your first draft, re-read and see whether everything fits together. Ask yourself the following questions for each body paragraph: 
  • Does the reader need to know this in order to understand or accept my thesis?
  • Does this give evidence for my thesis?
  • Does this explain the reasoning behind my thesis?
  • Does this show something about the consequences or importance of my thesis?

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What to do? 
Last time you wrote an introduction and thesis about the following topic: 
Can a class size influence student performance? 

First make an outline and then write 3 body paragraphs of about 100 words each. You will have to time to work on this part of next class as well. 

- Read a book from the book list

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We have talked about topic sentences and body paragraphs. 

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Next class
Cito listening
Practise writing body paragraphs

Have a nice day! 

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