Engels 7SB4 en 8SB4 07 - 10 sept 2020

English  7SB4 and 8SB4  

08 -10 Sept 2020
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English  7SB4 and 8SB4  

08 -10 Sept 2020

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At the end of the lesson:
- you know your classmates and teachers better
- you know how to introduce yourself and say somthing about yourself  
- you know how to work with LessonUp and what to do in Taalblokken

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Do you remember?
What English exams do you take ?
Reading and listening B1
Reading and Listening A2
Writing and Reading B1
Writing and monologue B1

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two  truths  + one lie (no talking)
  1. 3min of thinking-time (no talking, others will have to guess your answer later )
  2. Write down two truths about yourself and one (hard to guess) lie

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TALK to your neighbour (or yourself) for two minutes and report what he/she told you  

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Write down two things you talked about with your neighbour or yourself

Slide 6 - Open question

What you need to know about LessonUp 

Can you find the lesons in LessonUP at home ?
class code : Register for your class in LessonUp with the class-code your teacher gives  you

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register for Taalblokken and the right class

Complete the entry test reading and listening  B1  if not done yet


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Pearson SEE A2 exam 
60 minutes computer exam for reading A2 
monologue A2   dialogue A2 
 November 2020 

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Did you all do the trial Pearson Exam A2 in March? 

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                             For next week: 
              In Taalblokken: 
1  Entry test reading and lsitening  B1- if not yet done

2  Dashboard>leerroutes>writing and speaking B2              >  01 Text Types and Main Idea  
      >    unit 1 writing + unit 2 spoken interaction

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Thank you for presence 

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