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Frequent mistakes

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Let's review the education structure in Hungary!

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General School (Lower level)
General School (Upper level)
Secondary School
Secondary School
Short Vocational School
Post-secondary education
Adult education
School-leaving exam
School-leaving exam
and vocational qualification
Skilled worker's qualification
Master Degree (Msc)
Bachelor Degree (BA)
Master Degree (Msc)
Bachelor Degree (BA)

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Discuss the following:
  1. What do you think about the currect status of the                           education system?
  2. What are you satisfied with?
  3. What would you improve? How?
  4. How important is education level on the labour market?
  5. What are the most popular subjects to learn?
  6. What do you think about learning abroad?
  7. Does a higher qualification mean a better job?
  8. Would you like to learn more?
  9. Do you think we learn the necessary things in school?

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Ludmilla csak jövő nyáron fog tudni velünk jönni nyaralni.

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Attól tartok, nem fogok tudni jönni a buliba.

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Tudok segíteni neked, ha akarod.

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Mielőtt megvettem a jegyet, nem tudtam belépni a kiállításra.

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Think of an object, machine, etc. and try to make the others find it out by telling sentences with 'can' or 'be able to' when you desrible it.

Eg: (oven) --> You can cook delicious food in it. You are also able to heat with it, but it's not too economical. You can find it in the kitchen.

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Béla / 
to drink / 
Create sentences from the following:

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