Chapter 5 - Lesson 1 The Nile River

CHAPTER 5: Ancient Egypt and Kush 
LESSON 1 The Nile River
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CHAPTER 5: Ancient Egypt and Kush 
LESSON 1 The Nile River

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                 When did it happen?

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                 When did it happen?
By 5000 b.c., hunters and gatherers had moved into the Nile
River valley. They settled there, farmed the land, and built
villages. These people became the earliest Egyptians.

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Where in the world?

The Nile River flows north from the heart of Africa
to the Mediterranean Sea
, about 4,000 miles.
 Two rivers meet to
form the Nile. They are the Blue Nile in eastern Africa and the
White Nile in central Africa. The water forms rapids where the
rivers meet (cataracts). Large ships cannot sail
through the cataracts.

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The Nile runs through a narrow valley, just before it
reaches the Mediterranean Sea, it divides into many branches. 

These branches spread out over an area of rich soil. This area is
called a delta
Deserts also lie on both sides of the Nile River valley. Because the deserts were so hot, the ancient Egyptians called them the Red Land. These areas kept outside armies away from Egypt.

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How were the
Egyptians protected
by their physical
The Nile River provided water for drinking and growing crops .
Cataracts kept out invaders.
Marshy delta kept out enemies.

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Let's review some of the most important facts we've learned so far about the Nile River!

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Where is the Nile River located?
North America

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How long is it?
About 1,000 miles
Less than 3,000 miles
About than 400 miles
About 4,000 miles

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What resources
did it provide to the Egyptian civilization?

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Why did people settle
near it?

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Answer on classroom:
Taking into consideration the different characteristics of both river valleys... 
How were the
Egyptians different
from the
Mesopotamians ?

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