GC1 6. Wild for Life, lesson 1

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This lesson contains 17 slides, with interactive quiz, text slides and 2 videos.

time-iconLesson duration is: 50 min

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Goals of this lesson
At the end of this lesson you can...

• Understand the framework of the Global
Goals for Sustainable Development
• Create an understanding on one global
topic, the plight of endangered species.
• Explain the impact of technological
development and growth in the human
population on the living and non-living
• Explain how individual choices and actions
can contribute to improving the environment
• Describe the range of interrelationships of
humans with the living and non-living

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What do you know about Goals
14 and 15?

Slide 5 - Mind map

The Global Goals are:
The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are a plan developed by the United Nations and
agreed upon by all countries to work towards 2030 to: 
i. Fight global inequality. 
ii. End extreme poverty.
iii. And respect our planet.

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Global Goal #14 – Life Below Water - Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

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Global Goal #15 – Life on Land - Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

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Group work
Form a small group, max. 4 students

Discuss the following questions: 
Do you think animals are being killed illegally? 
Can you give an example that demonstrates
this point?

• For example: 
- Even though it is illegal, elephants are poached each year for their tusks.
- Sea turtles are poached for their meat. Their shells are used to make

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1. What would the World be like if it was legal to kill all animals?
2. What difference do you think it might make to the World? 
3. What difference do you think it might make to you? 
4. Are there any reasons why killing animals would be beneficial? 
5. Do you feel you can make a change in the World for more Wildlife Conservation? 
6. Can you think of someone who is a role model for Wildlife Conservation? 


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Kindred animals
Look at the pictures on the following slide:

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What do you know?
What do you know about these animals?

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Pair work
Matching game 
The teacher will hand out a card game.

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Do the quiz on slide 18 at home and write a paragraph of a minimum of 100 words about
what WildForLife is and name the 4 UN Organisations (groups within the UN that have a
specific focus ) for this.
Record your information on the worksheet you have received. 

Upload to Simulise.

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Quiz site
See next slide!

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