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After today's lesson...
- You will know how the writing exam is going to look like.
- You know what formal writing conventions are..
- ...and how to apply those in your written work.

The materials used in this presentation can be found here

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The writing exam (A2)
In 60 minutes you are expected to write:
1: A formal email (Example: apply for a job)
2: An informal email (Example: write your friend about a holiday)
3: A short note which could be either formal/informal
(Example: Ask your boss for a day off/ ask a friend for some groceries)

                                                                                             This is how we will assess you ->

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Assessment step 1:

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Assesment step 2:

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What does a formal email look like?

Slide 6 - Mind map

What is acceptable language in a formal letter? (1)
Hello mr jones,
Wassup Mr jones,
Dear Sir/Madam,

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What is acceptable language in a formal letter? (2)
I am writing you in regard to your email.
I'm gonna introduce myself.
Would you be so kind to tell me...
Please, write soon.

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What is acceptable language in a formal letter? (3)
Yours sincerely,(your name)
Greets, (your name)
Kind regards, (Your name)
Yours sincerely, (Your name)

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Formal email made by student
Note: this email is not flawless in terms of spelling/grammar.

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Before you start writing...
Google Docs = online word document
- Everyone has his own page
- Write your assignment(s) here
- Finished writing? -> give feedback to the person 'below' you

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1. Go to the Padlet and dowload the document called:
"Writing: formal email"
2. Write your formal email. On the padlet you will also find the link to your Google Docs page.
3. Give the person "below" you feedback on their writing.

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Rounding off and looking forward
- What did we do today?
- Before next lesson you will have:
   > Written a formal letter in Google Docs.
   > Given feedback to your downstairs neighbour.

Next lesson: discussing and processing your feedback!

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