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Project: gender roles
  1. Alquin: 'The new gender rules' (reading)
  2. TedX speakers (watching/listening)
  3. Choose your topic and start preparing
  4. Preparing your own project
  5. Presenting your project

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Alquin: magazine 3 (p. 10)
"The new gender rules"
  • What do you think the text is about?
  • What does this have to do with the current affairs?
  • What is gender?

A. Pre-reading
Fill in the poll in your LessonUp app with 'yes' or 'no'. (7 questions)

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1. Women and men:
usually get birthday presents of the same price

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2. Women and men:
have the same opportunities for top jobs

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3. Women and men:
earn the same pay for the same jobs

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4. Women and men:
have equal opportunities in sports

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5. Women and men:
have the same emotional reactions

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6. Women and men:
can be best friends without romance

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7. Women and men:
spend the same amount of money on clothes

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"The new gender rules"
B. Puzzle: some words to choose from:
opportunity                 predator                               equality
gender                          self-esteem                         presume
empower                      feminine / masculine       violence
to judge                        harassment / assault        hypocritical
female / male              #MeToo                                boyish / girlish

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"The new gender rules"
B. Puzzle: some words to choose from:
opportunity - 4           predator                                equality - 8
gender - 9                    self-esteem                          presume - 10
empower - 7                feminine - 6 / masculine  violence
to judge - 3                   harassment / assault        hypocritical - 1
female / male - 5        #MeToo                                 boyish - 2 / girlish

Let's read the text
> look up the underlined words (vocabulary) in WB p. 14

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"The new gender rules"
C. general questions
  1. What country plays a central role in the article?
  2. What age groups are mentioned in the article?
  3. Where did the writer get her information for the article from? Give 3 sources from the text.
  4. What characteristic of boys does the word 'stoic' (l. 13) imply?
  5. What is often a reaction when boys overhear men making sexist remarks about women?
  6. What effect can it have on boys if they are pressured to be tough?

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"The new gender rules"
D. true or false?
  1. The larger part of the article delas with the positions of girls.
  2. Black adolescent girls feel more equal to boys than white girls.
  3. Girls believe that in society looks are still the most important aspect of life for girls.
  4. Today (US-) boys express themselves emotionally as freely as girls.
  5. Boys feel a lot of peer pressure to behave in a traditional male way.

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"The new gender rules"
E. boys or girls?
  1.  are expected to have physical strength
  2. being a leader is an important life goal
  3. heard people criticize boys for 'acting like a girl'
  4. sexism is still a problem
  5. are more open to talk about harassment or assault
  6. feel pressure to play sports
  7. are expected to think of other people's feelings first

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More on gender roles in lesson 2

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