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by Mr Sacha
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by Mr Sacha

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This lesson
- Learn what is a rubric
- Do 3 rubrics for Brainwave

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What is a rubric?
A rubric is a way of measuring how far along students are in their development. 

A rubric has 3 levels:
1. Beginning
2. Developing
3. Mastering

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Where do we use Rubrics in Nobel, other than for our IPC right now?

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Rubric 1 - Knowledge about the brain
  • Beginning: I know one or two things about the brain. I still have a lot of questions. 
  • Developing: I know  a few things about the brain. I can tell you some details and some interesting bits I have learned. There is still some I want to learn
  • Mastering: I know a lot about the brain. I learned many things this unit and can tell you about how we learn and how the brain works.

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How do I rate my knowledge about the brain?

"Beginning/Developing/Mastering, because..."

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Rubric 2: Collaboration with peers
  • Beginning: I had a hard time working with others. We have a hard time agreeing. We fight a lot. 
  • Developing: We were able to divide the work and discuss. There were still issues. Some people in the group didn't contribute. 
  • Mastering: We had very little problems working together. There were almost no issues. We got our work done quickly. 

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How do I rate collaboration with peers?

"Beginning/Developing/Mastering, because..."

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Rubric 3: Have I achieve my personal learning goals?
  • Beginning: I have not really worked on my personal learning goals. I cannot give an example when I learned about one. 
  • Developing: I can tell some situations about the personal learning goals. I have worked on them. 
  • Master: I realise I used my personal learning goals a lot. I can give many examples of when I used and learned about them. 

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How do I rate how I achieved my personal learning goals?
"Beginning/Developing/Mastering, because..."

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