OA unit 7: A successful business

Unit 7: a successful business
Speaking/Listening on career opportunities and entrepreneurship
Grammar: reason, result and purpose
Writing: essays
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Unit 7: a successful business
Speaking/Listening on career opportunities and entrepreneurship
Grammar: reason, result and purpose
Writing: essays

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Do you think children can be successful entrepreneurs?

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What could be obstacles for children's
entrepreneurial success?

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Watch the next video.
  1. What are the obstacles Morgan Hipworth encountered when starting and conducting his enterprise?
  2. What is his current finance performance?
  3. What will he spend the money (200,000 dollars) on?
  4. Do you agree with his decision?

Focus on Vocab:
- Equity
- Revenue
- Syringe
- Wholesale orders

"Age is no barrier"

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Is there an entrepreneur in you?

What's your entrepreneurial aptitude?
Do the test on the next slide.

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Read the first 4 pages of the article you can download from the following slide and:
Question: which features, apparently quintessential to entrepreneurs, did you recognise in the questionnaire?  (What features was the questionnaire aiming for?)

Assignment: 1.   Write down words you encounter that are unfamiliar to you.
 2.  Make a list of at least 10 words and prepare to explain these words (meaning, synonyms and context) to the class.

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Homework lesson 1 unit 7
Do the Reading on pages 46-47 ex. 1-3
Do the vocabulary exercises 1-3

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Useful for writting   

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Reason, result and purpose
Go to page 166 and have a look at the grammar section of unit 7.
For the test you need to be able to apply the conjunctions, adverbs, prepositions, verbs, verb phrases, nouns and noun phrases to indicate reason, result and/or purpose correctly.

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Look at the corpus spot on page 48 and find out what students frequently do wrong and do ex. 1 and 2 of the grammar exercises.

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Writing folder 3, p. 50-51
Essay writing

What are the three parts of an essay?

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Writing Folder 3
  • Introduce your topic (hook and background information)
  • State your thesis (aim of essay)

  • Each body paragraphs covers a specific topic/argument/idea
  • Start with a topic sentence ( this states the idea that you are going to discuss in the rest of the paragraph)
  • Provide explanation / details / examples

  • Refer to thesis
  • Summarize information mentioned in the body
  • Draw a conclusion / state your opinion
No new information!!!

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Brainstorming for ideas

The assignment in Writing Folder 3 is about the importance of learning English nowadays.
Put on your thinking caps

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Reasons for
learning English

Slide 18 - Mind map

Finish weekassignment
  •  P. 166: Theory reason, result and purpose
  •  P. 48: Reason, result and purpose: ex. 1-3
  •  Writing Folder 1- 7
Remember to use the words/phrases to indicate reason, result and purpose in your essay and bring your essay to class next week!

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Peer review essay
1. The essay has a correct introduction, body and conclusion  (in separate paragraphs)           3
2. The body paragraphs start with a topic sentence                                                                                     2 
3.  There a two different reasons for learning English explained and sustained well                    2
4.  The register is formal to neutral                                                                                                                         1
5.  A range of grammatical structures are used                                                                                               3
6.  Appropriate and varied vocabulary is used                                                                                                  3
7. The text is cohesive; linking words and phrases are used                                                                      1
 Total                                                                                                                                                                                     15

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