The Real Mother 1

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Q- SEL- How would you express your gratitude to your mother?

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MCB Listening Assignment - 1 
Dear Students
  • Kindly find English Assignment A 1.1 Ms Quiz uploaded in the Assignment tab of Teams.
  • This online quiz contains 10 questions for one mark each. All questions are compulsory 
  •  Read the questions twice and review your  assignment  before submitting.
  • The assignment needs to submitted before this  class ends.

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MCB pg-14- Ex-“Something to do “
Part –1 - Summarize the STORY OF “The Real Mother” with one word in each blank.

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Padlet Activity
Dear Students 
Kindly open the Padlet link given by your teacher in the meeting answer to answer Long answer type question (LAQ) on "The Real Mother".

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Home Assignment
Notebook work
Date-22/4/21              -1.2 H.F
Unit –1 CH- The Real Mother
(LAQ+ Creative Writing)
Q- Write a paragraph in not more than 60-70 words comparing Annie’s character with that of your mother. List the similarities or differences if any and give evidences (from story/your own life) to justify your opinion. Enhance your presentation by pasting one adorable picture of your mother and giving an amazing title to your answer.

Ans-- Title –__________

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